A prayer for our business

by Maurice (Miami Fl Usa)

Lord ask first for forgiveness to all of my sins, I do not blame others for my short falls I ask that you forgive me, give me the strength to reach out and to follow your light in your path to the kingdom of god. With you by my side you give me strength to carry on, you pick me up when I fall, you reach out and take my hand when I reach for you, You show your mercy and kindness, you lift my heart and soul when I feel all is lost. I look for your light your guided way, you bring peace within me. I believe in God almighty, I see and feel his answers to me. All of this for me having faith and the will that you grant me to follow you.

Help us in our business so that I may provide for my family, keep our home and dogs, help me in our business that I may help others that are also in need, to make me a better person than what I was and what I am. I trust and believe in God the almighty through all I see,feel,touch and those things I sense are there but can not see feel or touch, this is God’s greatness. Give comfort to those others that are also in need. Amen

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  1. I am praying

    I am in business for myself too. I know it can be such a struggle. I will pray for your success today.

    Have faith in God. You will succeed.

  2. Pray for all those who are struggling

    I am in business too and I know how it feels if you are struggling as I am struggling too in this small business. It feeds my family , being away from parents in an unknown country doing business had been really difficult.
    At one spark of a second thought business can really help us better than job. Left job and got all our savings into business and its under loss. Struggling a lot sometimes to make ends meet.
    I pray for all those who are going through this dilemma.

  3. Thank you

    Thank you for this prayer. I will pray for your business She’s so that you pray for ours too. God bless

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