A Prayer for My Sister

by Markia (NJ)

Dear Lord,

I ask that you grant my sister in your power to be healed from all her sickness, giving her the strength that she needs, the will to stay strong and to restore her mind and body back to what it was before her illness took place. Lord I ask also that you put positive people and things in her life and take all negative people and things that surrounds her. Lord I ask that you continue to bless her to live in great health and not endure anymore physical or mental pain. Lord I ask the you work with any hospital and doctors caring for her at anytime, blessing them to do the best job they can in your power. Lord I know your blessing her as I write, as well as myself in all my brothers and sisters. Lord I ask the you hear my prayers in cover us all with the blood of Jesus Christ. In your name I pray Amen and thank you, for all that you’ve done, thank you for all that your doing and thank you for all that you will do. Amen…

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