A prayer for my sister and her family

Dear God,
Please stand next to my sister tomorrow as she is to appear in bankruptcy court. She has worked hard her whole life a truly dedicated teacher now finds herself in financial distress.

Her husband choose not to pay for a second mortgage for over a year before she became aware. He swindled her out of her home her belongings all she worked to obtain over 35 years. Please let her creditors discharge her from this debt. She turns to you for your love, acceptance and guidance.

put the people in her life to assist her correctly. Let her start her life anew. Please send my niece a loving hug. She was forced to move away from her home, friends and college. Starting over at 21 is a difficult time in a young woman’s life, grant her comfort and bring her closer to you.

Thank you Father. In addition my Lord could you please be with them for the commute they are calling for snow in the morning. Bless them as they travel. Thank you again my Loving Lord.. Jesus we Trust In You Amen