A prayer for my mother that has a cold heart

Please everyone pray for my mother who is in constant confusion about what it is to LOVE her children. I see this also with my siblings now as well and it hurts my heart that she manipulates hate in towards others, it not a way of life , how are they suppose to make and keep healthy relationships with these immoral patterns?

It hurts my heart when they realize the type of mother we have now.We only have one mother and love her dearly if only she knew how much we love her and wish her the best always. Nobody is perfect but she is out of control. She recently hurt herself and fell on her hip, she is limping with pain. I believe it is sign from GOD letting her see that walking with hate and anger all the time will not let you concentrate and see the way.

She sleeps all day in depression and does not want help. 🙁

Best Regards and thank you lots for anyone who took the time to read this<3