A Prayer for My Most Important Hope of All

My Dear Lord, My greatest hope of all is to find peace and happiness in my life with my new love. I pray one day we shall marry and live happily ever after and with you in the center of our lives. I pray that my biggest worry passes and I can live without fear anymore.

I know you will protect me and give me new hope. I will serve you my Lord and put you first in my life. You gave your life for me so I can be saved and for all who believe in you. You have given me strength and encouragement each day and I am so thankful for each good day you have brought to me in my life.

I want to serve you for the rest of my life, Lord. You are so important to me. Please continue to give me hope and happiness until I come home to be with you, Lord. For I pray this in your glorious name. AMEN

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