A prayer for my Love

by Lonely Heart (Kentucky)

It’s me again God,

I know I’ve prayed and I have prayed to you about Adam, I’m still here waiting on my blessing from you to reunite me with him, I have been faithful in my prayers for his love and I’m trying to be be patient and keep him in my thoughts,

Father I truly believe in me and Adam being together when we met 8 years ago I knew in my heart he was the one for me, even though others say he’s no go good I believed in him, they don’t know him like I do I accept him for who he is and love him unconditionally when he’s in my life.

I feel such joy and happiness no one could give me but you God, I know you blessed me with this man to be in my life for a reason, at every turn when I thought I’d never see him again it was you who blessed me with him back in my life.

I know you blessed me God and I pray that you will bring us back together again, please I’m trying so hard to think positive thoughts about this, and I’m asking you God to have mercy on me I know it hasn’t been that long since he left my life but it feels like a year I miss him and need him, he’s done more for me than anyone will ever know God, only you and I know what loving him has done for me in my life.

I pray to you Dear God with the love you have for me please I pray bring my Adam back to me and may the love I feel for him fill his heart and my thoughts be his thoughts,

God let him think about me and let your will be done in our lives he is good for me Lord and I’m and good for him. I need him God, please please ring him back to me. I wait on you God I know you can do the impossible I am asking you to bless me and Adam to be together again, this time with a stronger love for one another and let not our stubborn ways and temptations gettin the way, let us only have a love for each other and a love for you and seeking you in our time of troubles. I will always pray to you for both of us make us stronger in love God please.
In your name Dear God I pray,
Amen and amen.

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