A Prayer For My Love

by Tiffany ()

Dear Lord, I pray for the relationship that I am in right now. I pray that you bless us both and that you will make our relationship stronger every single day. Please help us be more patient with each other.

Please let us value one another. Please never let us give up on each other no matter how difficult things may get. Please allow us to nurture this wonderful gift that you have blessed us with. I pray that our relationship will grow in faithfulness, love, forgiveness, understanding and open communication.

I thank you for giving him to me my Lord for he is such a wonderful blessing. And if it pleases you dear God, I pray that he is the person I will spend the rest of my life with someday. I also pray for those who are hurting and for all those who have problems.

Please heal all the pain that they are going through. Please hear their cries dear Lord and please strengthen their faith specially in times of hopelessness and despair. All this i pray in Jesus name.