A prayer for my husband

My husband was charge with a crime that he admits that was a mistake. He did something on the computer that he had no clue was going to get him in trouble. He is not the type of person the system he claiming he is.

He has not touch a computer in 3 years and has done nothing that they are claiming he did. Someone else in another state got him in this trouble. We now have a long battle ahead of us. He just lost his job even though he has not been proven guillty of the charges.

We can’t afford to live on my income and I’m so afraid that we are going to be living on the streets shortly. Please pray that he gets his job back and the charges against him are reduced or cleared off his record.

Please Saint Jude, Saint Anthony and St Joesph go to Jesus and tell him to help us though this trouble. We need him to get his job back and his named cleared. We need to become a family again. Please Lord answer my prayer.

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  1. I've just gone thru thes same

    My husband has just gone thru this same thing. He wasn’t even aware it had taken place. He thought prayer and not being guilty would be enough, so did I. We are separated now by his conviction, even though we know how it occured with a second hand PC. I’m praying the decision is overturned and we will be reunited soon. Experience tells me to have faith and pray but in the the same moment that God likes us to help ourselves! Find an attorney, come up with whatever he needs to defend your husband and your family and marriage by default. People don’t bother to listen enough to insure an impartial jury. I will pray for you both that you avoid the same trials we have endured. God Bless!

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