A Prayer For My Husband to Get Along with His Co-workers and for My Son to Stay in School

I Would Like a prayer for my husband in his job that everyone their get along, and have peace in his work place. Also I would like a prayer for my son to find himself in school, stay out of trouble,stop hanging out with the wrong crowd he is hanging out with, and to stop doing weed,please god light his mind heart and soul that he stay in the right track in life , pray that my son stop smoking.

I pray that my son can understand that he has a good family here to support him in anything that he needs and that he can see we just want to be here to guide him before he makes a big wrong choice in life. I pray for all our children in the world and the people.

Thank you very much .

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  1. A Prayer For Difficult Co-workers

    Heavenly Father,

    I know that You are well aware of the struggles I have relating to my co-workers. They are always so negative, and it seems like whenever I give a suggestion or make a request, all I receive is a negative response. I can’t seem to understand why there is so much animosity among us.

    This situation makes me want to stay as far away from them as possible. I feel anxious and stressed-out about even going to work, knowing that I will have to deal with this hostile environment.

    My first reaction when relationships are difficult is to stay away and have no involvement with the individuals. But I know that You call me to set an example for Christ and to love all whom I encounter.

    I am asking for Your help today by requesting that You show me how to understand them, so that we can have a healthy work relationship.

    I pray for them today, that You will touch them in a special way. I pray that You will bless them and that they will have an encounter with You today that will cause them to be transformed. I pray that You will heal the inner hurts and pains experienced in their lives, that are having an effect on their ability to relate and communicate with me and with others. I pray that You would give them a thankful heart to replace what seems to be a heart of stone.

    I pray that through me and others in their lives, that You will let Your love be known to them. This seems like such a difficult task when I look at it through my eyes, but I know that it is not too difficult for You. I know that Your works are a perfect guide for what You desire to accomplish in and through us. I believe that You are working on them and that You have a purpose and a plan for their lives.

    I pray for whatever may be going on beneath the surface with them, that would cause them to hurt or act out the way they do. I pray for peace in our homes. I pray for relationships in our lives. I pray for relief from financial difficulties and for situations that are too much to bear. I pray that they will find healing, deliverance, and wholeness, that only comes through a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Father God, I know that when I pray, You hear me and that You will move in this situation, no matter how long it may take for change to be noticeable. I pray that You would change me also in the process, so that I do not feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious around these persons. I will give it all over to You and allow You to work through me to love them, and to show kindness and compassion to them.

    May this come through humbling myself under Your mighty righteous hand. For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

    In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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