A prayer for my grandson Craig

Lord my God,please hear my prayer.I know in my heart that my life would not be possable without you,I love you and I thank you for all you do for me,tonight I come to ask not for me but for my grandson,I know you know and see all,so I know he is not perfect in all he does Lord he is a good loving young man,but you already know all there is to know about him.Lord please wrap your loving arms around him ,protect him from what others are trying to do to him,please Lord if it is in your will please allow him to come home to the ones who love him and if he has done wrong allow us to with your love and guidance help him through you.Lord he says he did not do what is said,you know the truth,Lord it is hard for me to believe he would do any harm to them or anyone.please Lord Jesus allow him another chance,us another to change our self.we/I love him and ask you please if its is in your will allow him to come stay with us even if just for the summer,please please bring him out of that place,allow us his family to help him if he is truly in the wrong.Lord I know you already know I am not good with words how to say things the way I really mean them,sometimes there taken wrong,but I know he know my heart and what I am trying to say.Yhank you for lisen to me and I love you and you are loving and powerfulmI place my grandson and this problem in your loving caring hands.Please help us.Amen

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