a prayer for my family to be reunited as aloving family again

by Shirley (Fitz Ga)

Dear Lord I prayer for my x husband to come home. Lord you no the one that I love him very much .Lord I pray that you will touch his heart an bring him back to my son an me we need him very much.Our son is acting out.Lord you no the person that started causing the problems is still hanging on I ask for you to open his eyes to what see is doing she has broken up so many marriages an families Please Lord we have been together for 35 years all I ask is please return my family put us back just have my x call an ask to try an work it out put us back as a family, I no you can ,IVe just started back to church .I ask for forgiveness for not going to church but its very hard after the one that distorted my family is achristian an ment to do this it hard to go to church but I made avow to get back in church live for you LORD ,MY family is very important to me . LORD you gave me our son back less than four months ago I give you all the praise an glory ,Ibelive in prayer LORD I for give this woman an my x husband . I also repent of all my sins an ask for your forgivness. Please grant my pray LORD, s