A Prayer for My Family – Peace and Tranquility

Dear God,

I thank you every single day for the health, safety, peace of mind of me and my family. I appreciate how you keep an eye for them in their desperate time of need. I pray for my daughter A, that she find herself and discovers that she is such a wonderful person and can achieve anything in life. I pray for her safety, her well being, her peace of mind.

I pray for my other children, mom, dad, sister, brother and his family for all the same things. I pray for peace in my home always and forever. I realize that things have been difficult lately in my house. I realize that I may be able to do things a little bit different, and I will try in the New Year. I would like peace and harmony and serenity.

I want my children to prosper in life. I pray that I am able to pay my bills in the coming year and I don’t struggle.

I thank you for your answers to my prayers. Help all those in need.


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