A prayer for my family may we not judge or criticise each other

Dear Lord,

Please grant my family love, peace and togetherness, may we not judge or criticise each other but love and support each other. May we not fight or argue but be in peace and togetherness when together.

May we love and respect each other and help each other through trying times.

Lord, may our family live with laughter and love and may we live by the teachings and lessons of the lord.

Please grant my family love and togetherness and may we always put each other first and live in peace and harmony.

I pray dear lord that my sister (A) is given strength and courage to let go of her current relationship and all it’s worries and problems and start a new fresh start with someone that will love and guide her in the way the lord has taught us. May she find the strength to let go and see the light. May she see through the lies and manipulation and have the courage to walk away from this man. Please grant her the strength in her mind to overcome her heart.

Please bring all members of my family a peaceful and loving life with God watching over us all to protect us.

Lord hear my prayer – Amen

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