A Prayer for My darling daughter

by Debbie (Thermal CA. Usa)

when I’m gone do not cry I am your mother who has gone above to see my Savior who has always had my love you have been the best daughter one could ever ask for the good times and bad you have always made me happy always help me cherish the memories of your dad so move on cuz you must but remember one thing I will be there always in spirit with angels wings I am in heaven where I should be with all of my family the day will come when we meet again.

my beautiful daughter do not cry now or even then the blessing will come one day when you will see but the tears that I cried were tears of joy knowing that the day will come when I see my loved one in heaven again so waiting for you I will be with open arms and my beautiful wings do not cry I love you so you’re the best daughter and God know so