a prayer for my brother


Dear God my brother has tried so hard to get jobs .He has been constantly put down by his grandparents and elder brother.He finally found a job but its only for six months and it is ending in March.Again this job emotionally strained him as he had alot to go through with staff at his work not liking him and treating him well.I pray that My brother gets a job that he Loves when his contract ends and he is proud of himself and is truly content.I pray that he meets a loving,girlfriend who will adore and appreciate him this year. i also want him to learn his independence and treat himself-start driving lessons,go out socially when he can.give my brother back his confidence and take his depression,anxiety and grief away from him. I want him to be able to be strong on his own and i pray he gets his own house so that he is secure as my mum is playing games with him always hinting that she wants to live by herself.Please God i beg you. come to my brother Amen

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