A Prayer for my boyfriend.

by Megan Mejia (West Covina)

Lord you are the Alpha and Omega your power is undeniable your miracles are without end and your love is without boundaries. I am praying for my boyfriend who needs healing and hope. He has been an addict and having a difficulty healing and now he is in custody after trying so hard to change his ways. He is having a hard time he is not perfect. But he has a good and pure heart he is the sweetest man I have met and I believe with your love and grace and mercy he will be released from holding and not get sent prison. He is an addict he deserves the proper help and your healing with the support of his family out of jail. I am praying Lord to have mercy, show him your kindness and heal this addiction, humble him and fill his heart with your love and the Holy Spirit for you are God only you can judge. I pray for a second chance dear God. I know in his heart he wants to be clean and with your help Lord I know he will. Pls. Let the court judge have mercy pls let the public defender have knowledge to be able to help him get the right help. No harsh punishments no jail or prison time because that is not going to help aide him. Pls Lord I believe in your mercy I have Faith. Only you have the power to help us. We can’t afford an attorney and me and his family need your strength and hope. We lift up this problem to you Lord God. Pls. Lord give him another chance. For one day once he is sober I believe he will do great things, and this miracle will be his motivation and proof that You are there and You have always been there. Help him Lord. I pray in Jesus name and with your undying Love. Amen

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