a prayer for me boyfriend to leave that woman who trying to end what we have

by Amie (Dallas Tx 75243)

i want my boyfriend to come back to me and our kids ..my boyfriend have being talking to this girl for 3weeks he even talk to her on the phone when me and his kids together that is not respectful that hurt me and his kids .. he told me that he going to leave me for her i dont want that to happen we have two beatiful kids together and we have a business together we have everything to gether i have being by his side for long time we have build a home and a family now he want to leave me and his kids for another woman .help me to win him back for him to come back to me and his kids to be the name for me my life partner my best friend and for him to be best father to our kids i want that women to leave my boyfriend alone to leave never come back ..i love my boyfriend we have build everything together i dont want him to mess everything up we have build for that devil woman ..help me

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