A prayer for me and my lovely bape

by Christopher (Detroit, Mi)

Lord I ask that you take this pain from me and my lovely bape. Show her that even as though I have made mistakes, I love her more than I can imagine. Show her that I need her to come and take this pain from my ribs, because she’s the one god has chosen for me. Fill her heart with the same love that’s in mine.

I love every quantity of her from her lovely dimples, to her lovely beautiful feet. She has touched my heart in every way. Through up’s and down’s and everything we have been through. We have four beautiful kids that we have to show that we can be a family. And that sometimes things in life happens. Just put god first and follow your heart.

I know the times seem longer than they were because we had problems with trust. Let her see that I am ready to move past that. My heart cant take it without her in my life. She is all I have and rely on for for a smile and happiness. She and our kids are part of me as a family.

We shouldn’t let anything tare that apart without working it out. Feel her eyes and heart with the same love. I love you bape and my beautiful children.

In Jesus name Amen