A Prayer for Loving

by Mari (Detroit, MI)

Heavenly Father,

First i come to you to Thank You for blessing me beyond measure. I am forever grateful for not only my health but the health of my son and loved ones. but i ask you today, even in good health, to heal me, spiritually and emotionally.

I have, by your grace and mercy, overcome somethings that i thought i would never get through. i am still a work in progress and though no one is perfect i ask you to make me whole again. i ask you to help me love again and not just my neighbor. i ask you to take the fear of being vulnerable and the fear of being forgotten and unloved away.

i ask that i may continue to love myself so that i am able to love another. im only 23 and as i look at my friends and family falling in love i cant help but to be envious because i feel i have lost that which is so precious. i ask you to forgive me of my envy.

lord i just need to fully love myself know that what ever is trying to harm me is not of you. work with me lord mold me lord so that i can love again… in Jesus name i pray amen

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