A prayer for hope

Oh Lord, we’ve been through a lot through these years. So many times have I doubted you and so many times you’ve lifted me up, protected me, shown me the path, and helped me bear my burdens. Even with so many reminders and gifts my faith waivers. We are so poor and have been for so long. Each day I say thank you and try to reinforce my faith. Some days I feel it and I feel strong. Some days, like this morning, I wake up so very scared. I look for jobs, apply, and hear nothing back. I look at my son and wish I could provide for him yet I fail. I try to keep the faith and remain hopeful but I’m so scared of running out of money. I’d sleep in a box if I had too but the thought of my son living that life breaks my heart. Please Lord help this little family. I try to give my burdens to you yet I can’t remove this fear. Help me have the faith and hope that I need to be the father my family needs me to be. Light the way and I will follow. I don’t want to feel weak but it’s hard to be strong day after day. Oh Lord, please help us. I want to believe but it’s so hard when I can’t see the light ahead. Help me see it. I don’t want to be scared anymore. I love you God. Thank you for loving me. I couldn’t do it without you and I wouldn’t want too.

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