A Prayer for Help with my finances

(new orleans la)

Heavenly father I come to you in the name of your darling son Jesus and ask for your help with my finances I’m truly grateful for the things you have already done for me bout I need your help with my car payments my car insurance & also with the payments to court I pray you help me out my bank account is over draft by 800 dollars I have no money for gas I dont even have money to buy grocery my check from work is gone before its in my hand I pray & I pray I ask for a financial blessing but it seems like its not happening for me I been filling out application for a part time job & no one is call me back I’ve been trying to do things on my own but it seems I’m sinking my self into a deeper hold lord I’m asking you in the name of your son Jesus can you please send down ur blessing and help up lift my heart & sprit father Lord you bless me everyday by waking me up you keep grounded & out of situation I know I can’t get out off I can’t take no more I know longer wanna b pay check to pay check I no longer wanna riding illegal being scared when I see the police I can’t go to school cause I font have no gas money I need you now more than I ever need you and even thou you have bless ne so many times before now I need you most in Jesus name I pray amen