A Prayer for Help in Times of Trouble

St Jude, Jesus my savior and thy Heavenly Father, Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful life and blessings. You are the healer and the giver of life. Your are my present help in the time of trouble. I humbly come to thy throne and implore this favor.

I am being disturbed by people who are not in good terms with me. I am also seeing people harassing me on social media sites and posting crude things about me and my past on ask.fm which belongs to people who have grudges against me.

It is really making me feel bad and uneasy. Please lord, I earnestly implore this favor that you make everything end and shall my past be forgotten. I pray that my life must be at peace and people should stop harassing me. I am blessed with a new life and I am really thankful for it but lord, please stop all the bad things from happening.

I know that I have sinned against you and I pray for forgiveness lord. Please lord hear my prayer and i pray for speedy help lord. I have trust in you lord. Amen.

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