A prayer for healing, hope, and strength

by Jennifer (Kentucky)

Dear kind and gracious Heavenly Father, I ask that you please be with someone that my heart holds dear. His body is failing him and I’m afraid he will soon start giving up on himself. He recently accepts you into his life- and I am so greatful for this. I also am so happy that I re-dedicated my life to you. Since doing that I have felt so much better about praying, keeping the faith that you will heal my friend and living my life right. I know that we can give our burdons to you and that you will help us with strength and peace. I just ask that you help heal his body. He knows he has made mistakes and wants the chance to leave the hospital and spread the word of what can happen if you live life as he used to. He dreams at night of helping change other peoples lives and i pray that you give him the chance to do that and heal his body. He’s in a lot of pain right now and i just ask that if it’s your will, please lift some of that off and help his body to start to recover. I know that only you know when our time here on earth is up- but I pray that it’s not his time. He has so much to offer this world. Please help not only with his recovery but with his faith in his own healing and with you to grow stronger. I pray also for myself and his family- that we can help be the strength that he needs to get through the day by using your guidance and light. I pray that you work through the doctors to help do whatever they can to make him get better. I also pray for the other families that are at the hospital sick or supporting a sick loved one. Give us all courage and hope in you. I am so thankful for all that I have and all that you do for me. Everything happens for a reason, Lord and I just hope that he has a chance to live and witness to others who are struggling as he used to. In Jesus name I pray, amen

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