A prayer for Healing And to Find Strength

by Candice (Norman , Ok)

Heal all of my wounds mentally, spiritually and physically. Help me to see the light within all people and to find strength when I am weak. Help me to not feel any negative pain and to only say kind things.

Help me to find strength and compassion for myself and all people and give me the strength to push through and to continue into a positive future. Though my road is rocky my hands will work hard through the world to find light and to not fall to darkness. Please surround me with your light and heal all of my wounds and my families wounds. Help me to find positive in all that I do and to not think anything negative about myself and or others. Bless my soul and help me to find you in heaven Lord Almighty.

Keep all of the evil away from my body, mind and soul. And keep all evil away from those who worship you. Please help me to find a positive life in a world that sometimes is to much for me to handle God. Bless me and Keep me and my family safe please. Also please keep my son safe as well as my new family.

Bless our souls and allow us into your beautiful gates as we pass. God Bless and let the light be the Truth through all chaos in life.

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