A Prayer for Guidance and Strength in my dilemma..

by Nathan (Oakland Ca)

Oh God,

I ask for your help again. Early this morning around 4am I woke up crying again because I miss my friend terribly. God I do not understand why he left me in limbo like this. Everything was going perfect and our bond was getting stronger. We never fought or anything and we enjoyed spending time with each other.

I know he was dealing with mental issues and i know he knew that i would be devastated if he told me he was moving but thats no excuse for him move away without telling me. I do believe in my heart that he was trying to warn me by dropping hints, but im so stupid I couldn’t decipher what he was really hinting at. Now he is gone with no goodbye and my heart is broke. Im so sad god, it really hurts, cant you see im suffering. I feel in my heart I should wait for his return, but im unsure if he would ever return.

For all i know he could be dead, or in jail, or in another country, which is why i keep crying because im also worried and concerned and I dont know where to turn to for help. Its unfair God because I am a good person and he was my only friend and it really hurts. Its been months and I still cry. He meant alot to me.

I ask for your guidance and strength to get me through this time of uncertainty. I ask that you watch over him and keep him safe. Please let him know Im not mad anymore, i just cant stop worrying about him and missing him. Please help me god.
I pray to you with all my heart and soul.
love nate