A prayer for guidance, and more faith in him generally

by Tiffany (New Hyde Park Long Island N.Y.)

Father God, I come to you with every bone in my body asking for guidance, and faith in you that everything will be okay. I ask that you show me the path to walk closer with you as well. I ask for forgiveness for my sins, and patience that I will eventually turn my life over to you and your son, for I know that this is the right way of life, and if I want eternity I must turn myself around. I feel I am blessed by you but also feel like I take certain things for granted too. So I ask for help with these things and again to make my walk closer with you father.
I am letting past effect my present and must learn how to let go and stop being bitter sometimes as well. I just want to be a well rounded individual as a whole Lord. I pray for all of the weary and struggling people and ask that you keep them strong too and their faith oh God let them believe that you are real and there really is light at the end of that dark tunnel…

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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