A prayer for grace and forgiveness

Dear lord, I have been dishonest many times throughout my life. I have betrayed and deceived people. Over the past year, I have tried to become a better person. I want to live a life that is true and good. I don’t want to be a cheater or a liar, and I have changed my ways.

I treat those around me with love and respect. But now I am at crossroads. My old way of living is still a shadow on my new life and I’m at risk of losing important opportunities for growth because of things I did and said in the past. Please let me move forward.

Please don’t let my old mistakes haunt the new light of my present and future. Please forgive me for my sins and help me to move forward with positivity and joy. I will continue to change my ways for the better. I solemnly vow that I will not lie, cheat, or say unkind things. I will make the world a better place through time, love, effort, energy and charity.

Today has scared me and I have learned my lesson. Please grant me the grace to escape my sins and continue to become a better person. Please dear lord. Forgive me and help me to shine and shine on those around me who I love and who don’t deserve to pay for my sins and weaknesses.

Please grant me this one wish. I will do everything in my power to make it up through my actions from this day forward. Amen.