A Prayer for Good health, studies, job.

by Sandra ()

Dear St. Joseph please cure the indigestion (burning sensation in my stomach), constipation, bloating and flab. Please help me to be able to go to toilet every morning. I started taking a herbal medicine today June 21st.

Please help it work successfully for me so that I can be cured once and for all in 2 weeks before my course starts on July 8th. Please cure the feeling of fullness when I eat, bloating, indigestion, constipation and flab. Help me to be able to eat normally. Please cure the itching on my skin and please help the blackhead disappear from my face. Help me get a clear skin on my face.

Above all, please let me not suffer from any serious sickness, illness and disease. Heal me of all my wounds and hurts, forgive me my sins, come into my heart and help me to change my life and guide me to do whatever is necessary to improve my condition. Please help the university grant me approval for my withdrawal before my enrolment on June 25th. Please let the institute grant me government funding. Help me excel in my course and get a permanent job and like my new career. Please keep my whole family in good health, especially my parents. Please help the surgery be successful for my brother and please cure the corn on his feet.

Also I pray for the wants, needs and intentions of my whole family, brothers family and both my sisters families. If my health condition is a punishment for me, and I am going to struggle and suffer for the rest of my life in trying to improve and develop myself physically, mentally, emotionally and socially and dont succeed, then I ask that my life end before my parents peacefully without being sick, in my sleep. Please grant me a sign ” if I am not going to be cured then please take away my life before my course starts on July 8th.

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