A prayer for forgiveness


Dear Father,

am not worthy to be in your presence,
but I plead with thee to have mercy on me
and look at me with the eyes of love,
forgive me of my wrongs and mostly for the innocent blood that I have spilled.

Am sorry and I feel my heart heavily bleeds out to You, my Lord. Thou knows me better than I know myself, and no matter where I run, only thou can forgive and heal my wounds.
And there are times when I have felt all alone, in the darkness, felt thee presence vanish before my eyes, helpless and all hope left me, its the worst of all my earthly days, Lord!
I don’t want feel that way ever again, Lord Jesus so I humble myself before thee and beg that thou takes pity.

And I pray for my brothers and sisters, who don’t know your power, yet. The suffering and poor, the sick, orphans with no parents, the dying, the departed and those in war-tone zones

Let your light shine upon us, all and lets feel little of thee glory, for we are not worthy, Lord.
Clearance and protect us from all that’s evil, O’ lord Jesus Christ so that we may someday live in thee kingdom and praise thou, forever more, Amen.

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