A Prayer for Financial Breakthrough to Pay Debts

by Ann (Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya)

Jehovah my Father, Jehovah the living, Jehovah my Lord, Jehovah in Heaven, Im before you Father through you strength. I want to thank you for the past days/years Dear Lord and for giving me life to this age I am well in your name. I want to thank you for providing for my family upto this day. I ask for forgiveness in every wrong i have done and surrender my life to you.

Lord my Father I am going through a financial crisis with debts from left right center which need to be settled. I ask in Jesus name that these debts be settled in your name, provide for me Lord so that i stay clean in this area. I ask Lord that you hold your peace with those I owe until all is settled in Jesus Name.

I thank you Lord for hearing my prayer


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