A Prayer for financial Blessing

Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you , and I thank you for all that you provide me with and will continue to provide for me. Thank you for being with me at this difficult time in my life and still surviving, as I am unemployed and with your grace you have provided me with all my needs, right now Lord my debts is overwhelming and this time in my life when I am about to make a big change I ask that you will send angels to care for me in the process and just to help me with the things I want and need, please do not let me struggle Help me in every aspect financially that I will get through the next events in my life that will occur. Please bless me and my choices, help me to be wise with the little funds I have left to last me and please help me to be resourceful in finding ways to expand funds, Please bless me as you know this is a crucial time I am in great need of this financial support, I will continue to trust you. Please help me Lord at this time Also for all those who read this prayer I prayer that they also will be blessed and please make this financial breakthrough in order for me to survive the next events that will play in my life.

In Jesus Name,