a prayer for financial and employment peace

by Dr. Brad Barbee (Lee's Summit MO, USA)

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray in your name and in the name of your son, our savior, Jesus Christ, to please bless my family with the spiritual peace that comes from financial peace.

Though we are extremely well educated, we have struggled financially from my paying my entire way through school to us trying to keep up with those who we see who have more, to getting in deeper trouble with the birth of our two wonderful, smart, and handsome boys.

Now I am out of work due to an unprecendented residency policy passed by my former school district. We cannot and are not willing to move. My wife works less than a mile from our house and the kids go to school on that campus. But now I need a small miracle.

My goal is to still be able to help children in whatever way I can. My goal is to help those who have less in whatever way I can. I need your help to get this done. Thank you for listening to my prayer, and thank you for coming to our aid in this time of need. I know I have some special talents I can give to any school or district that will hire me. I pray to you to send them to my resume, dear Father. I ask for your help.