A prayer for family & marriage

by Karissa Dowd (Denver, Co, USA)

I would be overwhelmed if you would pray with me on behalf of my family. It’s been falling apart. Me and my husband have been together for 8 years, married for 1 1/2, seperated for 1. I have been giving my life to God more recently then in the past trying to strengthen my relationship with my Lord. While my life and heart feel so different I have not been able to escape the signs and words he has laid out for me telling me to fix my marriage that divorce isn’t the answer. I stumbled upon this movie Fireproof, I and my husband have watched it. It literally felt like God was talking to me in a way I have never experienced. Now me and my husband have closed the case on our divorce. We are going to start working on rebuilding our relationship and putting our family back together which includes our 3 year old daughter, and my step son. I ask for your prayers as I am fully aware without God this is impossible, but through him anything is possible. And all the prayers are needed at this time to help my family through these hard, and struggling times. And I pray me and my husband can find our way back to each other, and find the love we once had but this time that God is the center of! In Jesus name I pray!


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