A Prayer for Employment and a Better Future

Dear God I pray to you for help in my search for employemnt and happiness.

Please help me find a path that will provide me a future that is full of love and happiness and also one that is financially stable, so I may take care of the ones I love.

I pray to you that I may be forgiven for all the wrongs I have done in the past and pray that you can provide me the light to see what I need to do to correct my mistakes.

I stand before you a humble man, who is just going through the motions of everyday life, with no clue as to when things will get better.

I know that any path you guide me to will be the right one, I just ask that you help me see what direction I need to take to fufill your wishes.

Please God forgive me for all my sins and bless me with the knowledge and ability to make a difference.

Please help anyone else who is desperate and looking for help as I am.

I love you,

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