A Prayer for Depression: When All Seems Empty, Refill

by Robin (Edison, NJ)

Dearest Father, as I travel through the daunting bottom of the deep chasm of my depression, anxiety and hopelessness,

REMIND ME each morning as the sun’s rays shine through the thin cavern crevice that you are still with me.

HELP ME to know that you are in fact with me now MORE than or JUST AS you’ve been in recent years. HELP ME to know that the darkness that seems to engulf me is temporary. HELP ME to know that with tomorrow’s sunrise I will also have a new day. HELP ME to remember that my exhaustion is NOT from surrender, but is in fact from fruitfully applied effort to wrest myself from this darkness.

HELP ME to feel tired but NOT resigned/hopeless. HELP ME to be clear that it is in fact my HUNGER to be free of this (and not to accept it as a “forever” state) that is a sign of my continuing belief that I CAN heal and WILL heal. RESTORE IN ME the gay hopefulness that I’ve been able to apply in the past to all manner of daunting challenges. HELP ME to remember what it is that you’ve enabled me to bring then, so that I can find it (and bring it) again.

REMIND ME of the playful “play again” child that you’ve created in me so that I may know and trust in her “play again” belief once more. With all my heart, and in your name, I pray for restoration, relief, and renewal.

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  1. Thank you.

    A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. This prayer was everything I was looking for and needed to read, this will be my new daily prayer.

  2. thank you!

    I just want to say thank you for this! I could never find words to describe what my heart prays to God every moment of everyday! In this prayer, I have found comfort knowing there is at least ONE person who prays for the same thing I do. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you, because I have found a sister in the Lord who was used by God to channel a message to me in one of my darkest times!

  3. faith is a must

    That is a beautiful praying, and again somehow I am feeling that way right now. I thank you for posting your prayer, and I will pray for you that God helps you with whatever you are going through at this time. Please, pray for me too because my despair is overwhelming and my faith must arouse within soon to go through these very difficult times. Thank you again.

  4. thank you

    My faith has been challenged & so I thank you for sharing this wonderful, inspiring & comforting prayer.


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