A prayer for Crandon

by Gayleen ()

My Grandson been taken away by his mother about 445 miles away. This child was taken just because in South Carolina the mother has all the rights. She and my son were never married and lived in my house with Crandon for seven plus years. In July, The mother and my oldest son began an affair that was discovered by Crandon’s father. The two left our home and moved to North Carolina with her dad and stepmom. She left behind a 14 yr. old daughter who has always lived with her mom.

Crandon’s mother and uncle both use drugs and have lost alot of weight. I and my husband are trying to get custody of Crandon and the next court date is Sept. 12th. My son is loosing his mind and so am I. Crandon hardly ever gets to talk to his dad and he is not allowed to talk to me at all. We need a miracle.

The child needs to be placed back in our home where he is loved and will be safe. I pray and worry for him everyday. Crandon I love you, God please bring him home.

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