A prayer for change in life

Dear Lord,

I know for the longest time-I have been always struggling with my own world. Always worrying about myself, always focusing on my own problems to the point where it takes over my life & the things I love to do. I am praying lord that this will change & I will let go of things in the past that keep me so stressed out that I miss out on what life has to offer.

I pray that this will change and I will be guided to a job that I can truly be myself & let the talents that you blessed me with out. I pray that my life is going to do a complete 180 turn & I wont be sad anymore, but happy and fulfilled and changed in what I do. I pray that I am going to be spiritually renewed by more faith that will have me in no doubt question my self ever again.

Thank you lord for always being there, for listening, and putting up with me when I was sad in my own self-but you were always willing to be patient & wait.