A Prayer for Bringing My Loved One and Me Back Together

by Adele ()

Dear Lord,

I feel you brought the perfect partner for me into my life 3 years ago. Since then, my feelings have grown stronger for Him every day. Throughout that time I never really doubted whether there is a better soulmate for me. You now that I am genuinely humbled by His personality, selfless attitude, and desires to make positive impact on the lives of those who he loves.

I recognize I had several opportunities in the past to show Him my true feelings but failed to take chances due to my fears and immaturity. I regret causing Him any pains, which I know there were many. I will try my best to be more open, warm, and affectionate towards Him next time, if given such a remarkable opportunity to get back together.

Therefore, I would humbly pray for any chance to bring Him and me back together. There are thousands of miles separating us and you know financially I can’t afford to pay a visit to his town. In this light, if He could visit me that would be a miracle. God, you know I am willing to move to his current town, stay with him, and find a job there.

If such a request could be heard and granted, I also pray for giving me the wisdom to learn from my past mistakes, not to cause any new wounds, and heal those from the past slip-ups. I really want to communicate to Him that I want to hand Him my heart and have His best interests at heart.
I know that you will intervene in your set time and I will try my best to wait patiently. If I can humbly ask for any sign that you can give to easy my worry.

Lastly, please guide me through every stage of our relationship so that as we move closer to each other we also move closer to You. On behalf of all those whom you healed in love and life, I want to thank you Lord for hearing and acting on our prayers.