A Prayer for Angels to heal a friend

by Dan (St. Paul, MN, USA)

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Son, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Angels and All Forces of Good, I the pray that you take special note of Your Child Michael Jean. That you open her eyes and make her see that the choices she now makes are the result of the abuse inflicted upon her by her father.

I ask that you Heal Michael Jean and remove from her life and her actions the repeatedly bad choices she makes in that she accepts men into her life that repeat the same mental and emotional abuse that her father had and continues to inflict.

Take from her her pain, instill in her confidence, faith, hope, determination and tenacity to reject the abuse and insist upon treatment, respect and caring worthy of her spirit, soul and person – a Child of God, your child.

This I pray in every way. Please make it so, now! Time is of the essence.

Thank you Lord for prayers answered!

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