a prayer for all those who are sick and all those who are in financial difficulties

by Valerie (London)

father i humbly ask that all these people who have submitted a prayer request are looked upon favourably in their hour of need, father, forgive us all of our sins, we are human beings and fall short in our lives each and every day, help us to hear and understand your word father, help us to live and walk in your truth. father give us all the health and the strength to be able to follow the path you have carved for our lives, father these people are coming to you because they are in desperate need of your help and support, we love you lord, we adore you father, we implore your help each and every day in our lives. father we all have different needs and we humbly ask that you look at each one on its merit and judge us accordingly

thank you

Amen father, we love you

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