A prayer for all of his tomorrows

by Suzanne Terrio (U.S.A)

My father was an abusive alcholic, my only husband was physicaly abusive towards me. The only love I’ve ever known from any man in my life has been wrong and painful. I do not trust any man. The only man I love and trust is God, Hebrews 13:5

Never will I leave You, Never will I forsake you! that means the world to me, because the Lord is THE only man that has never hurt me, his Love is unconditional!! and I have seen it and felt it time and time again, I thank him every day for my many blessings and privelages.

I pray for a man to love me the way i’ve always deserved to be loved. I pray for a relationship that will be filled with an abundance of respect for one another, acceptance for who we are with all our imperfections, patience, guidance and strength from God to face any obstacle together.

But most of all to learn about each other and help each others spirits to grow and flurish, to help each other soar instead of trying to control, confine, or change one another.

I don’t think I will ever marry again, but If my best friend ever offered me all of his tomorrow’s, I would lovingly accept….Please, dear Lord guide me to be the best person that I can be and to continue to love myself the way you have shown me, to always know that first and foremost I am YOUR child. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!