A Prayer for a Teen Mom

by Nancy (Santee, California)

Please Jesus send your angels, to help my 17yr.old granddaughter and her 1yr.baby. She has no guidance as her mom left her sister, her, and her dad. She hardly feeds her, does’nt dress her accordingly for the weather and is starting to neglect her all together. They sleep on the floor and don’t have money, not really even for diapers. They are all hungry in the house. My son goes to work but it is’nt enough. I ride a bycicle and have emphasema and scoliosis. If I was’nt in pain all the time, I could get there more often. Please God help all of them before something bad happens to the baby. She does’nt listen to anyone, and their so sad, no ones thinking logically. In Jesus name we pray.