A prayer for a special person

by Juzme (Australia)

Dear lord,

help my special person whom I have loved and cared about for almost four years. He helped me know you. The torment of his heart lord stand between the drugs and alcohol stand between the people whom have lied. Lord intervene upon his life and the wrong intentions.

Help cure and send away the torment of lust lord make him see what he has done to himself and others. I pray lord you will lead me to where I am supposed to be and heal the damage physical, mental and emotional spiritual help me trust with guidance and help heal my broken heart, Lord what has happened between us let him find it in his heart tovknow the difference of a good woman and a decietful one, I am not perfect lord and I ask for forgiveness for any wrong I have done but lord i I have given all I can to him he now needs to help himself I ask this in jesus name amen