A prayer for a seriously huge miracle

by Sara (UK)

Oh blessed St Jude

The moment I set eyes on the person in question, it was like God was sitting next to me whispering in my ear ‘it’s him!! It’s him! He’s the one you’ve been made to wait for all these years!’.
So I keep begging and pleading with you to help me win his heart as it is truly a hopeless case.

He is a big figure in the public eye and I am just a regular person who’s life is in disarray, yet this inner ‘knowing’ just won’t leave me alone.
If you could grant me this one miracle oh blessed Saint Jude and prove to me that I am not going insane, I shall praise God with thee through eternity, I shall be forever mindful of this great favour and I shall forever honour and invoke thee as my most special and powerful patron.

Oh blessed Saint Jude pray for me.


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