A prayer for a relationship

by J ()

Lord, I am thankful for all I have in my life, my family, my friends, my health, my job, that I have a safe place to live, that I am not hungry. I am grateful for these things because I know there are many who lack these things and I pray for them. I pray for all those who are suffering in any way.

Even though I thankful for what I have, I am also hurting. I am hurting because there is someone who I love very much and who I can see a life with who disappeared on me and I don’t know why. We were friends and had a lot in common. He was the one who said he wanted a relationship because he thought we could have something good. I agreed, but he disappeared before anything started. I don’t really know what happened and I have really been struggling. I don’t know if he got scared or what, but I wish we could talk about it and work it out together. I miss him so much.

Lord please help him to know I really care about him and will be there for him. Help him to have the courage to follow through on starting a relationship with me. Please work in both our lives to bring us together and help us to build a relationship.

If it is not to be between us then then I pray for the best for him and for you to heal my heart and to help me move on. Amen.