A prayer for a mother with a cancer weakened body but has a very strong heart to live.

by Bebvs (Manila, Philippines)

Dear Lord God,

Thank you for all the blessings and guidance you had bestowed and continuously give to me and my loved ones.

I ask forgiveness for all the sins and mistakes that I and my loved ones made.
I know that I am a backslider and had grown a distant child of yours.

Despite my religious shortcomings Almighty Father please hear my fervent prayers not for me but for my mother.

With all humility oh Lord help my mother get well and recover from that Lung Cancer Stage 4 and all other bad cells it has spread on her body. Her body has weakened but her desire to live is as sturdy as a bamboo tree that only bends when blown by strong winds yet stands straight back after every blow.

She took all medical solutions and continuously takes all other medical treatments possible for she has that heart to move on and her fighting heart wants to see more of life.

Dear God, the physical and medical field is doing its best for mama but I know that you and only you could help her with this fight.

Because beyond my mama’s strong armour as life’s warrior… Lord, my warrior mother is a child, your child.
Please help her, Almighty Father.
Thank you Lord and again I pray…

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