A prayer for a love that was never forgotten

by Melissa (United States)

Growing up I had a friend who eventually become my boyfriend. We parted as my family moved away. I have never forgotten him. I never much believed in soul mates but I think he has always been the one for me.

It has been many years since and I still have strong feelings for him. I have tried finding him but no such luck. I pray that God will grant my request in finding Leo, the man who I was meant to be with.
Thank you.

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  1. for happening marriage with my boyfriend

    plz lord now i am in deep painful situvation,his parents try to seperate me and him plz see our situvation and give me your blessings,lord plz go to his house and see his parents and filled their heart with love about me,and allow them to our marriage happen. plllzzzzzzzzz lord In the name of jesus i belive our marriage is happen and lord remove all hindrances,AMEN

  2. missing my soulmate too

    Girl I know what you are going through I myself have been separated from my soul mate an I cant find him either i will pray for you if you do the same for me

  3. A prayer for love that was never forgotten

    I have been love this man a lifetime. We departed ways back in the 1975 and reunited again in 2008, just for him to walk away, again. All my hopes and dreams has been shattered, now all I do is cry. I feel all hope is gone. I am in a state of depression, I feel no one loves me.

  4. Jesus Loves You

    Don’t worry Melissa, for there’s nothing impossible for Jesus Christ our God. He has heard your prayer and your weeps don’t worry trust in God and you will receive even more I ask you only in return to sustain Faith with our Father I’ll keep you in my Prayers, Amen

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