A prayer for a job and some peace and happiness

Dear Lord

I am a only child who cares for my father who has had heart attacks, strokes, stents and bypass surgery. My dad is diabetic and has kidney failure and heart disease and was in a coma before. I get paid part time to care for him. I’ve been trying to get a full time evening job at the hospital I’ve already applied Twice im going to apply again all the other places aren’t hiring.

I need this job I also want to take colleges classes in the fall.Im about to be 31 I have been taking care of my dad for the last ten years. People always say I’m blessed.its been hard I been broke for the for the last 5 yr. I haven’t started my life yet or got to do anything. I don’t go out, travel or enjoy my life people half my age have experience more life than me.I feel worn out and emotionally drain I feel like I’ve lived 6 decades…..

l ask EVERY ONE to pray I get this job it would be the first step in the right direction …and so I can finally start school also then for god to bless me with a soul mate that will become my husband. I just would like to feel some happiness. In my life and know what it feels like to feel alive and living and not just existing. May god bless every one.

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  1. Blessings and Prayer For You

    Bless you for all you have given to your father and your deep love for him. May our good Lord reward you with a soul mate , career you love, peace and happiness. He knows your heart and will bless you many times over for His timing is perfect.

  2. You Are The Blessing...May God Bless You Always!!

    My Dear Sister In Christ Jesus,
    You are your Father’s Blessing…
    Our Lord Hears Your Cry & Jesus Has Not Forsaken You…
    I Join you In Prayer & Thank Our Lord For Holding You In His Hands & Answering Your Heart & Prayers…
    Jesus Is With You…AMEN…AMEN…AMEN…
    Blessings To Your New Job:-)

  3. GOD bless you.

    you are blessed. i’ll include you on my daily prayer.i also pray for your father.GODbless us.

  4. Praying for you dear sister

    I know it seems rough but God hears your prayers. What a beautiful and wonderful person you are. You will be blessed ten times over. You are in my prayers. Just remember, He may not answer when we call, but He’s always right on time. God bless you and your dad.

  5. God sees it all ans he is with you.

    Dear sister, Lord has not forgotten you, he see all your worries and pains you are going through. Lord loves you a lot and will take care of all your needs. I pray for you to get all that you pray for. Also will pray for your Dad to get well soon. Abundant blessings coming your way. God bless you always.

  6. God will never Forsake nor leave you

    God loves you and He heard your prayers, and you are blessed.

    “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)

    He is a loving and caring God your prayers are heard and God shall provide for you.

  7. More Blessings

    Dear Sister in Christ,

    May you continue to have all that is needed to care for your father. I pray that our generous and loving God will guide and provide you with all you need during this period!


    God bless the work of your hands and grant you the desires of your heart.

  9. God will meet your heart desires

    Your dad has been sick for long. Thats not good. Its my prayer that God heals him today or take him home. God will answer your job and marital prayer and give reason to rejoice exceedingly in Jesus Name Amen.

  10. The LORD answers prayer

    The LORD said any two that cometh in my name it she’ll be given unto you . We come together with you in prayer . The LORD is never late . AMEN.

  11. The LORD answers prayer

    The LORD said any two that cometh in my name it she’ll be given unto you . We come together with you in prayer . The LORD is never late . AMEN.

  12. 2018 your year of Good New

    Wow…God will reward all you have been through in the mighty name of Jesus. I bleed the blood of JESUS over you, your dad and your household.

    THE BLOOD OF JESUS stands in your life. Favor unlimited in 2016. congratulations on your amazing job,your wedding and your dad’s healing IJN.

  13. Job

    Praying that niece will get a job soon so she will be able to keep her home and pay all of her bills

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