A prayer for a good day tomorrow and prosperity

by Daughter of Christ ()

Dear Father in heaven, sometimes I feel that the whole world is against me and they rather see me suffer for the rest of my life. In everything that I do I hope that I don’t ever think that way, but have a positive outlook in life. When the people around me may not be positive towards me, I pray that I stay strong and be the kind of person that stands on my own two feet. Look there are not going to be many people who agree of what I think like or what my dislikes or likes, but I have to be strong to be an individual. For example, if I chose something I like and the other person disagrees in what I enjoy, then let me stand up for myself and stick to what I like regardless of what a person may think. You know that person that didn’t like what you enjoy may change their mind do to fervent prayer. You see that’s the dreams I have, but don’t hold that against me. I wish for a blessing in my life and most of all I pray for a closer relationship with the Lord. I have a relationship with God, but the people doubt that very much because they still think I shouldn’t think on my own. That I need guidance and my relatives think they need to control me, because I chose to enjoy something that I like rather than what they liked for me. So until I could stand on my two feet. I belong to what they want for me. Will I ever be happy? I don’t think so, I’ll live the rest of my life, living only to deny myself. The reason is I don’t want to lose my family or the love behind it. Please take care of my heart God and make me be able to take care of myself. Keep me strong and make me achieve the goal in taking care of myself and my family. I really don’t ever want to hurt my family, it’s just , I wish this feeling of the things that I enjoy will disappear. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t human. I rather deny myself than hurt my family. God give me strength and help me to be strong. I hope I have better days and make better decisions and live well. Amen

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