A Prayer for a Friend

by Anna ()

Dear Lord,

A friend of mine got sexually abused by her older cousin, the cousin is in cousidy. Right now she is trying to deal with the stress of it all and she needs to have strength right now. She and her 4 other siblings and 2 cousins live with her grandparents so family life isn’t the best, her mom just got out of jail for drug abuse.

I’m worried about her, she has never been one to talk about how she feels or about the hard things, so it’s not suprising that she hasn’t talked about it much at all, but she has been kind of isolating herself. As a middle schooler, she shouldn’t be going through this, though no one should.

She doesn’t have anybody, her grandparents are busy with the little ones, her mom is never there, and she only sees her father once a month.

She is hurting, Lord, guide her, help her know that it wasn’t her fault. Let her know that she’s loved, Father.

She needs you, Lord, she needs her heavenly father. Let her know that she did nothing wrong, help her to forgive me. I did it for her, God, help her to trust me again. She is so much more, let her know that. Let her know that I love her, and that we’re praying for her.

In Jesus Name Amen.

Please, brothers and sisters, pray for her and her younger sisters, she needs strength right now, strength and love.

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